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The company Colibri Labs was founded in 2007 with the aim of producing hand-made devices with a superior sound signature in limited editions. Sinisa Kraljic is a therapist for 25 years on the field of energetic medicine and over 20 years is a designer and constructor for audio cables and loudspeaker. This, of course, does not exclude the application of the laws of electrical engineering in constructions, and due to the application of top quality materials and components during preparation we believe that the products can be classified among the best in the world. The result of all this is a unique line of products that carry an invisible line of notes which connect the listener with the music. Cables in the line Guru Extreme, and speaker cabinets Electrum are the result of many years of dedicated work into which a lot of love has been invested.



Colibri Labs has invested more than eight years in researching and creating loudspeakers. We named our latest and unique product Electrum as a natural alloy of silver, copper and gold produced by intentional mixing of components. Speaker boxes are made of carefully selected materials: birch and plywood. The box is made with the help of numerology, which provides a numerical sequence that creates coherence, harmony and strength. We are extremely pleased with the results because we have managed to create a speaker frame that does not respond to external influences, so we ensure that our speakers reproduce music without any distortion. High-end components are built into: Scan Speak Speakers, Duelund and Jupiter parts in the scanner. For this product we have prepared a special internal Colibri Labs Matrix Signature wire. Electrum is intended for all lovers of two-way speakers who want to have an uncompromising speaker for all kinds of music. For a quiet or loud listening evening, Electrum gives cleanliness, perfect micro and macro dynamics and your own sound. Our wish is that, once you hear our sound, you get a real music experience that you can hardly resist and will come back to you Electrum – durable value.

The speakers are made from Maple, birds maple, santos, makassar ebony veneer. It is possible to make veneer from the buyers choice. Colibri labs Electrum speakers are made from high quality chosen parts. Production is hand made and takes 3 months to make

Electrum – lasting value

Year production: 2017 Speaker configuration: 2-way Cabinet type: Bass reflex Recommended Power: 50/250W Frequency response: 28 Hz – 22000± 3db Sensitivity: 87 dB Impedance: 8 Ohms, min 6,7 Ohms Dimensions (HxWxD): 115 x 21.4 x 39 Net weight: 51 kg / pc Complete with packaging: 169 kg

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As long as he can remember, Steven Klein has always been in pursuit of the purest music listening experience. In 1978, he embarked on a journey for a solution to turntable vibrations, as they negatively affected his listening experience. Fifteen years of researching high end equipment, he finally discovered the Vibraplane which achieved his goal flawlessly. As a result of his quest, Steve would begin a new chapter by opening Sounds of Silence.

SOS is committed to representing only the finest manufacturers of audio equipment found throughout the world. Our goal is simple; to provide premium products for those who wish to enjoy the best musical production possible in a home environment.

To help provide the best solution, SOS is happy to demonstrate the equipment in their specially designed acoustic landscapes, tuning specifically to the listener’s needs. It is during the audition in which the listener will behold a harmonic experience and truly understand the sensory magic these products are capable of producing.

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Paul: Beautiful, the sound was amazing and bass is tuneful and goes deeper than you would expect.


Colibri Labs

Adress: Rubeši 137, 51215 Kastav, Croatia

GSM: +385 98 911 3082